Thornley Fallis is an integrated marketing communications agency in Ottawa and Toronto. We combine insight, creativity and connection in solving clients’ challenges and meeting their business and organizational objectives.

Step One: Insight

As an integrated marketing communications agency specializing in social and digital services, we provide insight that is crucial to smart solutions. Our team of digital natives understand how the Internet works and how people use it, and they have the necessary smarts to turn this knowledge into workable solutions for real world challenges. Combining cutting edge analytical technologies with deep, broad industry experience delivers thoughtful, thorough and relevant analysis. This smart thinking is the basis of creative excellence and communications effectiveness.

Step Two: Creativity

We provide smart creative services, content and solutions. Our highly-skilled creative team is made up of video design and production experts, talented writers & graphic designers and experienced software engineers. Together they produce creative campaigns, programs and content that tells compelling stories across all formats and platforms.

Step Three: Connection

We provide smart solutions for the connected era. Our team has a host of skills and experience to connect people to people. Whether it’s customers to brands, citizens to governments, journalists to sources or anyone to any person, we help our clients develop positive and beneficial relationships. In person, online or through the media creating strong connections is essential to business.

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