We Provide Insight

Strategy is the difference between disconnected pieces and a coherent whole. Good strategy is driven by data, research and analysis. Our research lets us understand what people are looking for, what they value, how they want to be communicated with and by whom.

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We Provide Insight

As an integrated marketing communications agency specializing in social and digital services, we provide insight that is crucial to smart solutions. Our team of digital natives understand how the Internet works and how people use it, and they have the necessary smarts to turn this knowledge into workable solutions for real world challenges. Combining cutting edge analytical technologies with deep, broad industry experience delivers thoughtful, thorough and relevant analysis. This smart thinking is the basis of creative excellence and communications effectiveness.

We provide insight with:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If people can’t find your website through search, there’s little point in having one all. The higher a site’s ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo! the easier it is for people find its content. That’s why effective search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in today’s online world. Our SEO services include SEO audits, writing for SEO training, goal identification, keyword strategy development and sales funnel development.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics allow us to observe interactions in real time so we can refine strategies and approaches to reflect current reality, as it happens. It’s important that we deliver insights that matter. Detailed insight  and Google Analytics helps us understand audiences and their behaviours. We monitor and track engagement, whether it’s in the form of a comment or an actual online purchase. The learning informs future creation of content and other communications campaigns.

Social Tracking and Measurement:

Social media return on investment is a widely misunderstood concept. It’s difficult to show that having a thousand Facebook fans or 10,000 Twitter followers turns into products sold, votes counted or lessons learned. Social media tracking and measurement begins with a proper social media audit. Then comes analysis which takes a deep knowledge and experience of the social web to put the data into context.  The Thornley Fallis social team devises flexible measurement frameworks, specific to each campaign, to make social media evaluation easy and understandable.


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