Corum: Public Consultation

Thornley Fallis Communications’ online public consultation platform, Corum, provides a flexible online framework for discussion between organizations and communities of interest.  Corum underpins multi-faceted public consultation strategies which render genuine and conclusive public opinion data.

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Corum: Public Consultation

Today’s empowered populations expect to be consulted about important issues that matter to them. These expectations have been fuelled by the ease of web 2.0 as a way to share opinions and information. Thornley Fallis has developed 76engage, a web platform to help organizations meet the evolving expectations of citizens, stakeholders, clients and customers.

Meaningful public consultation

Thornley Fallis’ online public consultation platform, 76engage, helps organizations engage in public outreach to have purposeful conversations. 76engage allows people to discuss issues, provide feedback, post their own ideas, meet people with similar interest and share campaign content on social networks. 76engage is about more than technology. It’s about how public consultation, technology, social media and strategic communications come together to yield insight and intelligence.

Community engagement that matters

76engage combines the power of social media engagement, the structure of expert moderation and facilitation methods and the insight of strategic analysis techniques and strategies into one opinion research and analysis solution.

With 76engage an organization can:

  • engage people in an environment of their choice.
  • offer sentiment tracking and sentiment analysis about its issues.
  • identify consensus positions and consensus language.
  • measure, track and analyze public sentiment.
  • quantify the results of its public engagement activities.

Our clients:

A range of both public and private sector organizations have used 76engage to fuel public consultations. This includes: The City of Calgary, The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), The Canadian Internet Forum (CIF) and Pfizer Canada.

To find out more about 76engage public consultations call or email Thornley Fallis Communications.

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