MOvember: Excuse me Miss… I Mo’stash you a question

MOvember: Excuse me Miss… I Mo’stash you a question

Movember has become a global movement raising awareness about men’s health issues like prostate cancer and testicular cancer since its humble beginnings in 2003 in Australia. The main success story behind Movember is that it was a grassroots movement that took hold via social media. Social media brought people together around an important health concern; it helped the movement spread globally, almost overnight. 

 Social media stats on Movember:

  • Canada ranks third in terms of volume of tweets about Movember with 35,793 tweets last year (
  • @MovemberCA, the official Twitter account for Movember in Canada has more than 15,000 followers 
  • Movember Canada has more than 49,950 likes on Facebook
  • On Instagram Movember has more than 18,000 followers

Although many may think Movember is a men’s only movement, women across the world have found their own ways to contribute. As the stats below will demonstrate, women have a bigger presence on social media than men do. In parts with this and paired with women’s inability to grow a healthy patch, the Mo Sista movement’s key role in the success of the ‘Movement’ has been their effort in raising awareness.

 Battle of the (social) sexes:

  • 71% of women use social media compared to 62% of men (Socialmedia Today)
  • 62% of Twitter’s user base is female (Socialmedia Today)
  • 58% of Facebook users are women; women participate in 62% of the sharing and have 8% more friends than men (Socialmedia Today)

The Mo Sistahood most importantly, plays the role in helping men to break down barriers and encourages a conversation about their health. Traditionally, women have always been more comfortable talking about health matters, making them great facilitators in supporting the Mo Bros in their life to share their personal journeys with each other, or a health care professional. 

Let’s not forget that for many Mo Bros the thought of growing a moustache can be a daunting one. They may be concerned about how they will look with their newly acquired facial friend, nervous as to whether they are capable of growing a Mo or apprehensive about the commitment it takes to grow a Mo for the full 30 days of Movember. So do not underestimate how far a kind word of encouragement or a wink and nod from a Mo Sista can go in helping a Mo Bro in his Movember journey.

To date, more than 3 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across 21 countries worldwide have participated. Last year, over 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around the world raised CAD $146.6 million to support men’s health programs.


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