Why use an agency for internal communications? Agencies offer cost-effective capacity for internal communications. The idea is to have access to specialist skills, talents and resources and the flexibility to apply them where and when needed.

internal communications for employee engagement

Why use an agency for internal communications?

The origins of internal communications (IC) dates to the late 19th Century, when Victorian soap manufacturers began to understand the importance of engaging employees and started publishing staff newspapers.

Fast forward to today. Big business and large complex organizations mean internal communication has become increasingly specialized with a focus on employee engagement. However, research shows that IC is chronically under resourced, and that’s why many companies are turning to agencies for strategy development, content and program management.

Agencies offer cost-effective capacity. It is access to specialist skills, talents and resources and the flexibility to apply them where and when needed. But, perhaps more compelling is the independence an agency brings to IC issues and challenges. In-house communicators are part of the organizations they work in and are immersed in their cultures. No matter how experienced and talented they might be, its difficult for them to remain unaffected.

Independent thinking

Agency consultants are 100% independent.They are not involved in company politics and are unafraid to ask tough questions.This neutrality is often the key to unlocking solutions to organizational challenges. It underpins the development of effective internal communications strategies.

Agencies bring vast experience that in-house communicators often don’t have. Collectively, agency teams have worked with hundreds of clients across all markets and sectors. They have a strong track record for success. This long, deep experience leads to best practices based on both organizational communications theory and industrial psychology. These allow strategies to be implemented quicker, and programs to be more impactful and measurable.

As specialized consultants, agency teams are strategic problem solvers that come into a situation, quickly assess it and devise workable campaigns and programs. However, agencies are more than this.They bring specialist talents and skills seldom held in-house including storytelling, branding, graphic design, video production, web development and more.They have access to specialist software that can automate and optimize activities. Sophisticated analytics software evaluates in near real time adding program flexibility to boost impact.

Use an agency for internal communications for fresh perspective and new thinking.

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