Top 5 podcasts for your long-weekend drive

Top 5 podcasts for your long-weekend drive

In an era where finding down time to read your favourite blogs or books seems impossible, podcasts present a convenient, on-the-go alternative for people looking to catch up on news, trends and hot topics. With the long weekend ahead, here are five podcasts that will keep you entertained and in the know while on the go – regardless of if you’re headed to the cottage or staying in the city.

Top five podcasts

  1. TEDTalks (audio)

If you’re looking for inspiration and intelligent opinion on any topic, look no further than the TEDTalks podcast. Choose from more than 2,000 TEDTalks to learn from some of the most interesting people on the planet on a range of topics – from human rights, business management solutions and economic issues to scientific theories, collective creativity and digital privacy.

  1. Trafcom News Podcast

Donna Papacosta shares insights and tips for communicators on how to improve their practice – whether it’s developing content, public speaking, social media management or content promotion. Have a listen to the podcast for interview insights from some of the industry’s top communicators, like Craig Silverman, and their advice on communications how-to’s and opinions on the latest hot button issue.

  1. Context Matters

Chris Saad and Brian Solis discuss the inner workings of business, technology and culture. Social media news and trends, insights from communications events and even discussions about tech rumours are at the forefront of the hosts’ brains in this new podcast. Have an idea for a podcast topic? Saad and Solis are open to your ideas!

  1. Lunch Out Loud

Two local communicators, Nick Bachusky and Andrew Miller, share info about the top people, places and events to know about in Ottawa. Lend your ear to their voices for 30 minutes every week,  you’re sure to learn from some of Ottawa’s top communicators, find out about the best places to eat in the city, be one of the first to know about upcoming marketing events and more!

  1. The Voice

Learn from IABC Ottawa communicators Tina Barton and Gabriela Warrior Renaud as they chat with creative communicators, marketers and business leaders about building client bases, how to go it alone as an entrepreneur, key learnings from communication events and more.

For more of the best podcasts that will keep you up-to-date, check out our 2014 round-up of top five PR podcasts, which includes Inside PR, Social Media Marketing and others!

Did we miss your favourite podcast? Share it with us in the comments below!

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