Top 10 tips to supercharge your content marketing  

Top 10 tips to supercharge your content marketing  

Here’s a handy ‘before-you-publish’ checklist to fully realize the power of your content.

1. Craft a headline that is intriguing, punchy and to the point. One way to pique interest is the promise of help in making readers successful. Including quantifiers (i.e. Top 10, 7 Biggest Myths, etc) can add intrigue and urgency. Search engines like headlines with 55 to 70 characters so keep it short, and remember to use keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

2. Link to additional content. Include links to other content you’ve created andother websites to boost your content’s search rankings. Don’t forget to associate these links with specific keywords within your content.

3. Have a solid promotion strategy. Have an outreach plan that aligns with your specific business and marketing goals in advance so the great content you develop will get the greatest possible reach.

4. Publish at specific times to maximize social reach. Experiment with publishing times to see what performs best. Consider that weekends have less content competition, and readers often have more time. However, for B2B content, Monday through Wednesday between 8am and 11am offers a better chance of reaching the most readers.

5. Integrate corporate branding. All content should reinforce your brand. Whether it’s the tone of a blog post, the visuals of an infographic or the production style of a video, every piece of content you produce should accurately and consistently reflect your company or brand identity.

6. Think visual! Visual content gets attention. Including relevant photos, infographics or video improves engagement, shares and conversions on your posts and can increase views by up to 94 per cent.

7. Format content to facilitate readability. Using bullet points, block quotes, shorter paragraphs and bolding sub-heads help guide the reader and make content easier to digest, especially on smart phones or tablets.

8. Incorporate a call to action. Encourage readers to take action that relates to your specific business goals. For example, provide a link to a contact page or ask the reader to subscribe to your newsletter to generate qualified leads.

9. Encourage engagement. Include social channel buttons to encourage and facilitate sharing of your content. Increasing reach by getting others involved in your content-related conversation should always be part of your goal. Also, ask a specific question to start a conversation.

10. Do a final check. And lastly, while it may seem obvious, it can be the easiest step to skip: always, ALWAYS, read your post one last time for a final proofread to avoid any embarrassing typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Are there any other tips or before-you-publish best practices you’d like to share? Feel free to submit a comment below or contact us by clicking here.








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