Tool of the week: Improve your Google juice by avoiding penalties from updates

Tool of the week: Improve your Google juice by avoiding penalties from updates

Once a website is built the question is how do I keep up with changes in the environment so that the site is found by users?

More specifically, how do I make sure my site comes up in Google searches?

A month ago, Kate Finley at Spin Sucks told us about the Google Penalty Checker (GPC) tool, which basically scans websites through your Google Analytics to let you know if any of the recent algorithm updates will affect your ranking in searches.

Fruition’s claim for their Google Penalty Checker is that it can let you know how your website is doing in just 60 seconds.

It really is actually as simple as enabling your Google Analytics account and selecting which of your websites you want the tool to review.

The free service offers two free sites (which can’t be changed once setup), but you can upgrade based on the following pricing:

  • Analyze 3-5 websites for $289 (1 year)
  • Analyze 6-10 websites for $488 (1 year)
  • Custom pricing for more than 10 websites

GPC ranks recent Google updates against your website in four categories:

  • Positive Impact
  • No Impact
  • Negative Impact
  • Extremely Negative Impact

For example one site I checked was graded as having a “Positive Impact” for the update related to “In-Depth Articles – Deeper Research – Original Long Content.”

The bigger task is of course if you have updates that fall in the negative and extremely negative categories. That likely means investing a little time in research and making updates to your site.

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