TF News Top 5: Think Granny doesn’t use social media? Think again! Each week, the team at Thornley Fallis combs the headlines to find the top five must-read stories for marketing and communications professionals.

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TF News Top 5: Think Granny doesn’t use social media? Think again!

It’s a verifiable fact (?) that 2.76 trillion marketing and communications stories have been published over the past week and we read them all (really 😊).  So you don’t have to spend hours reading through the headlines, we’ve picked our top five must-reads.

  1. The Washington Post Gets Its Own Reddit Page

Facebook and Twitter move over. Reddit is now here as a distribution platform for news and other content publishers!  Alex Riccomini, Reddit’s director of business development and media partnerships, said:  “We are helping support publishers, providing them with the tools to communicate clearly and easily without disrupting the flow of communities.”  No spamming allowed, so content marketers will have to interact and be part of a real community

2. Tech Adoption Climbs Among Older Adults

“Our audience is senior citizens; social media doesn’t work.” WRONG!! Roughly two-thirds of those aged 65 and older go online and a record number now own smartphones, according a PEW Internet study released this week. Of course, those under 70 have much higher adoption rates than those over 80 years old. The report has lots of interesting insights for digital marketers.

3. Walkers Crisps Football Promotion turns into a PR nightmare on Twitter

Ex footballer Gary Lineker is well known for his self-deprecating humour, but this campaign was perhaps a joke too far.  The pitchman stars in a campaign for Walkers’ crisps where people are invited to tweet in their own selfies, and Walkers will tweet back a video of them at the UEFA Champions League final.  What could possibly go wrong?  Everything? Poor Gary.

4. Run like an Underwood with Spotify’s ‘House of Cards’ playlists

Are you a runner? Are you watching the new season of House of Cards on Netflix?  Now, thanks to Spotify you can combine your two passions with these playlists, one for Frank and other for Claire.  This fun hitchhike marketing initiative got a lot of media coverage. Look and learn dear marketers.

And finally:

5. Seven Tips for Building a Killer Email List [Infographic]

Yes. Yes.  Most of us say we hate email. It’s true. But truer still is the fact that email marketing works, when done right. It works really well! So look at this excellent infographic to remind yourself of the basics of email marketing.

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