Storytelling and SEO: The Rise of the Humans

storytelling and SEO is a librarian

Storytelling and SEO: The Rise of the Humans

Robots vs. humans, AI vs. IQ, SEO vs. content, one of the most common questions when getting into content marketing is how to balance the whims of Google with the nuance of storytelling.

Search engine optimization is critically important, it’s the Dewey Decimal System of the Internet, and much like your favourite high school librarian, it has a penchant for order.

However, unlike the steely-eyed librarian, there is no longer any reason to be intimidated by SEO.

While there are some technical details that your web developer should be implementing on your site to ensure strong page ranking, the real impact of modern SEO comes from well-written content.

The beauty of Google’s advancements in SEO over the past few years is that as the algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, they value human inputs more than ever. This means that unlike the days of keyword stuffing, shady back links, and black hat SEO; today, good SEO means that humans, not machines, must find your content compelling.

Thinking back to our cardigan-loving librarian, it makes sense. A good librarian doesn’t recommend a book based on how many synonyms of the same word it uses or whether not the title of the book contains the keyword. She knows which books are most popular because people enjoy reading them, get value from them, and recommend them to their friends.

This is the heart of modern SEO—providing value to the reader.

Whether that value comes from being entertained, educated, or engaged, modern search engine algorithms look for clues that humans enjoy the content. This means social shares, authentic back links, and high page views.

As a result, content that is written with the reader in mind—leading them through a story that solves a problem—is content Google loves.

Any good writer for the web should know the value of SEO and practice the basics of SEO optimization, but only a great storyteller can produce content that keeps audiences coming back for more, sharing with their friends, and engaging authentically with your brand.

Storytelling is for humans; content is for algorithms; a good content marketer knows how to satisfy both.

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