Tool of the week: Diigo bookmarking extension for Chrome

Tool of the week: Diigo bookmarking extension for Chrome

I first heard about Diigo a few years back well after I had created a Delicious account for my social bookmarking needs. At the time, I was quite impressed with the fact that the tool allowed you to save highlights on web pages.

Still, the effort to move over to their service at the time though was a little too much for me to undertake. I’ve long since abandoned my Delicious account and opted for bookmarking through my Twitter account – even with its lack of functionality as a social bookmarking tool.

When Diigo (now in V 5.0 Beta) said that they were looking for feedback on their new Chrome extension, I decided to give social bookmarking another try. (Tip: There are also instructions on moving your Delicious to Diigo.)

The extension builds on the Diigo web platform. An icon appears in the top right corner of your browser, which gives you more functionality.


  • Free

But additional feature Diigo accounts are available

  • $20/year for Basic
  • $5/month or $40/year for Premium


What I like

  • Share functionality in the drop down lets you connect directly with your Twitter, Google+, Facebook accounts to share something from the web.
  • The screenshot functionality lets you save something exactly as it appeared you the day you found it (i.e. in case it’s ever deleted or altered).
  • Things as “Read later” will appear on an app on your tablet so that you can read them even without an internet connection.


What I don’t like

  • “Unhighlighting” is not as intuitive as highlighting – a pencil icon shows up in the top left corner after something is unhighlighted – should also be in extension drop down.
  • Sharing from the extension does not automatically save in the bookmark – wish they’d be one in the same so if I share on a social network, it should also bookmark.
  • You also can’t share on more than one social network at a time, the way you can in tools like Hootsuite.
  • The “Lists” option on the web application is great to create folders of content (i.e. Tool Thursday) but when you save a bookmark in the extension, it doesn’t offer a drop down to also save to your list.


More about Diigo

Check back next week for another social media tool review!

2 responses to “Tool of the week: Diigo bookmarking extension for Chrome”

  1. Diigo says:

    you can certainly choose a list to save to from diigo extensions. not sure what you mean by “unhighlighting”

    • Diane Begin Diane Begin says:

      Thanks. I just spotted the lists drop down. Appreciate it. As for unhighlighting, I meant once something was highlighted, it wasn’t as intuitive to unhighlight something.

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