Snapchat Discover, The Forgotten Feature

Snapchat Discover, The Forgotten Feature

Snapchat Discover was launched six months ago as a feature dedicated to curated content and an answer to Snapchat gaining ad revenue. Hosting 12 channels, various brands supplement content once daily consisting of two to five videos showcasing sports recaps, recipes, news and more.

Being the third largest and most popular social network, Snapchat originally charged a premium for brands to display their content on one of the dedicated channels. However after six months they have had to reduce rates due to low viewer numbers. Out of the 100,000 million daily snapchatters, only 700,000 users were clicking through to Discover and viewing the branded content. Therefore it’s not surprising that costs went from $100 per thousand views, to $20 per thousand views.

Last month Snapchat attempted to bring new life into Discover by allowing snapchatters to share the content found on the 12 branded channels with their friends. Additionally, users could now add emoji’s and or draw on the content they share. The thought process behind this being the very heart of Snapchat, which is that snapchatters like to share personalized content.

While Snapchat attempts to find ways to make Discover a viable feature for curated content it’s biggest obstacle remains that it is difficult to locate. The Discover page can be found via a purple dot located in the top right corner of the live stories page.

Many brands have created personal Snapchat accounts instead of using Discover.  For a content marketer, a personal branded account is more flexible and gives unparalleled access to Generation Z and millennials who are always on their mobiles.

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