Reach Consumers at Home: Take the Experience Online

Reach Consumers at Home: Take the Experience Online

As social animals humans want to share experiences with others. As we build an increasingly digital world having and sharing experiences online is becoming important. Many marketers approach experiential marketing by creating on-site events, but clever marketers are mobilizing consumers by creating live experiences online.

Adopt a Viral Trend

Every marketer hopes his or her videos will go viral, but this fall Disney flipped this tactic by adopting a popular video trend with its Star Wars Unboxing event. This international campaign featured reviewers unwrapping Star Wars toys on television and their YouTube channels to hundreds of thousands of viewers. In this campaign Disney turned the personal experience of opening a toy into a global event and continues to do so by continuing to send toys to popular YouTube unboxers.

Commit to Your Online Audience

In the past, watching TV and playing video games were generally ‘ home alone’  experiences, but today these are popular online group experiences. Gamers love to watch professionals play and video game companies have capitalised on this trend by sponsoring expert gamers to record and play games online. This sponsorship has led to a rise in popularity for YouTube Gaming, its competitor Twitch, and the introduction of competitive gaming on TBS Friday nights.

No one has been as successful at making television a shared experience on social media as ABC’s Pretty Little Liars. With more than three million followers, the show has garnered more than 100 million related tweets and boasts the most tweeted  episode with 1.9 million tweets. This success lies in the producers and actors’ commitment to online fans through the creation of a social media fan club. ABC brought the show to where the viewers are and since committing to social media in 2010, the show has engaged audiences by rewarding fans with behind the scenes information and inside jokes, and fostering community by supporting fan content.

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