Privacy and mobile apps

Privacy and mobile apps

Nearly half of the top 100 free apps in the app store do not offer privacy policy prior to download. This figure comes from new research published by MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce.

According to the study

  • Only one in two apps (55 per cent) offer a privacy policy prior to download in the app store
  • Only a third (32 per cent) offer access to the policy within the app
  • 69 per cent of privacy policies are written in long form (more than 750 words)

Privacy statements are important. Previous research found that 70 per cent of consumers feel it’s important to know what information is being collected and shared. Unfortantely, MEF’s research also found that the average privacy policy found online is too long. According to their research, the average privacy policy found for these top 100 free apps took 12 minutes to read, assuming 250 words were read per minute. The longest privacy policy took 32 minutes to read and only eight per cent of policies were written in less than 750 words.

It’s important to give customers and consumers the information they need to know and every effort should be made to communicate this information in a concise manner.

An infographic of this research can be found here.

What do you think?

  • Do you feel it’s important to have access to a privacy policy prior to downloading an app?
  • Do you read a privacy policy when you see it?

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