The power of brand ambassadors, with Social Seeder

The power of brand ambassadors, with Social Seeder

Online brand ambassadors are people (employees, stakeholders, friends and family) who love and believe in a brand or organization and will often advocate for it in their own social media networks, sparking more personalized engagement and interaction from new audiences.

Our tool of the week, Social Seeder, is a paid-for online tool which helps to activate a brand’s ambassadors on social media, simply and effectively while allowing the brand to easily manage ambassador communication, facilitate the social sharing process and provide rich insight.

So how does it work? After finding online brand ambassadors through recruitment sign-up or forums on a brand or organization’s website and retrieving their emails in the process, Social Seeder allows users to categorize these ambassadors by employees, friends, fans or family and create different lists depending on how they relate to the brand.

By using Social Seeder’s ‘campaign tool’, users create campaigns of pre-written messages such as promoting a new product launch, brand news or stories, etc. Through Social Seeder, users can email their list of ambassadors inviting them to share these messages via their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. Ambassadors have the choice to participate or not and can share the message on their platforms of choice. Ambassadors also have the option to personalize the message to their liking, or stick with the pre-written message provided by the brand.

Social Seeder also has an analytics and measurement aspect allowing users to measure the engagement of every message campaign they undergo. Users can track which ambassadors are sharing their messages, on what networks, and who their top ambassadors are – allowing for the creation of stronger relationships.

Many brands have been taking advantage of Social Seeder, including Volkswagen. “By using Social Seeder we are leveraging the power of our internal and external ambassadors in a highly structured way. We believe this is the next step in unleashing the power of social media for our brand,” says Nick Deturck, Marketing Manager at Volkswagen.

Social Seeder provides paid subscription plans or pay-per-campaign prices. To see the full prices click here.  There is also a free trial available for new users to try out Social Seeder and all of the features it has to offer.

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