Pinterest: Business style

Pinterest: Business style

Pinterest, the social media network that inspires ideas, recipes, and products, has upped its game with new pinning features for businesses and brands.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has taken great strides to offer business-oriented services that allow companies and brands to tap into its active online community of passionate pinners.

One of these features is Rich Pins, meaning rich in content and information, which includes extra information in the pin to help “pinners” make more use of pins and help businesses drive engagement, outreach and website traffic.

There are five types of Rich Pins: place, product, recipe, article and movie.

  • Place Pins provide a map, address and contact phone number information in the actual pin of hotel, travel destination, etc.
  • Product Pins include information on the real-time price and availability of product, as well as where to purchase it. Pinners can receive notifications when Product Pins they have pinned have reduced in price.
  • Recipe Pins include ingredients and serving info as well as popular search filters such as vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and others.
  • Article Pins includes a snippet of a story description as well as the story’s headline, author and where to find that particular article.
  • Movie Pins provide ratings, reviews as well director and cast member information and links back to the review site, or to where the movie can be found on Netflix.




Rich Pin users must prepare their website with meta tags before applying to get them on Pinterest. To learn more on how to apply for Rich Pins, click here.

Another business-focused Pinterest feature is Promoted Pins, a way for any Pinterest user with a business account to have their best pins appear in specific search or category feeds.

Promoted Pins are offered on a cost-per-click basis; therefore users only get charged if people actually click through the pin to the original company website. Pinterest users can also make sure the right audiences are seeing these Promoted Pins by using Pinterest’s targeting feature. There is also an improved Pinterest analytics feature that provides Pinterest users with more detailed insights such as what people are pinning from a website, what pins and boards are gathering the most impressions and more.

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