Pinterest: 2013 in review

Pinterest: 2013 in review

Pinterest, the ever-popular photo-sharing website launched in 2010, has experienced a busy year by social media standards. And with an astounding 70 million users  worldwide there’s no doubt the visual platform has seen substantial growth since its inception.

Change accompanies expansion; in 2011 Pinterest faced scaling challenges as the company grew quickly and in 2012 the focus was on ‘mobile’. In 2013, the company has largely focused on adding value to their pins and overall platform.

New improvements attract millions of users year after year and continue to make Pinterest a go-to source of inspiration for businesses, event planners, hobbyists, cooks, news, and families; it has become a social mainstay for food and fashion brands. So the question is, what has Pinterest done this year to add value and continue to entice users?

Top five 2013 developments 

1. Redesign

What’s new: More intuitive navigation, larger pins, and more information making it easier for users to find things they like. Not all changes were aesthetic; behind-the-scenes adjustments were also made to help speed things up.

2. Web analytics

What’s new: Site owners can track website performance and see what content works, what’s pinned, how many people see it, and how many visitors their site gains via Pinterest.

3. Your own pin search

What’s new: Never misplace something you’ve pinned again. Type a word into the search bar and filter results so the only pins appearing are yours.

4. Ads / promoted pins

What’s new: Following other social ad success, paid promotion shows relevant commercial pins in a user’s feed after they search for particular items.

5. Article pins

What’s new: Updated pins act as mini bookmarks for shared stories and feature more information like news headline, author, description and source URL.

Will 2014 introduce further improvements for Pinterest? One can only predict right now, but as the company’s co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann says, “…it’s so important that Pinterest is a service that will be here to stay.”

Where do you see Pinterest in 2014? Share your thoughts with us!


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