NAC Imagined Spaces Website Design and development for the National Arts Center's Imagined Spaces website.



Project Description

The National Arts Centre launched an interpretive, educational web module entitled Imagined Spaces: Theatrical Set Design at the National Arts Centre. The project was funded by the Canadian Culture Online program of Canadian Heritage. It is accessible from as part of it’s archival “Collections.” The website showcases the NAC’s collection of over 120 preserved set maquettes and related archival imagery and resources.


The nucleus of the project is a bilingual web module that engages users to explore, browse and search a collection of archival set design imagery. The project goals for the site were to:

  • Invite users to explore imagined spaces brought to life in the theatre
  • Provide access to the National Arts Centre’s archive of set design imagery, coupled with companion learning materials
  • Illuminate the world of theatrical set design as practiced at the NAC for the past 40 years.

Target Audiences

  • High school students
  • Teachers and educational faculty
  • Adult learners


76design proposed a simple, intelligent and user-friendly approach to the design of the Imagined Spaces website that engages users by blending user-centred design practices with standards and guidelines as defined by the National Arts Centre.

This website offers users:

  • Free access to the NAC’s set design collection
  • An exhibit of sets produced by both French and English-language designers; no other performing arts organization in the world has a collection this diverse and expansive. None have a collection representing both English and French-language theatre.
  • Biographical information about Canadian designers who are largely unknown in Canada but have world-wide reputations in scenographic design
  • A way to access preserved artifacts from milestone theatrical performances
  • An understanding of the process of set design and its importance in telling stories
  • Development of a well rounded view of scenography through cross-links between this project and’s other Collections web modules.

Services Provided

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Technical Planning / Information architecture
  • Develop Technical Specifications
  • Creative consultation (i.e. concepts) and final design
  • Graphic Production
  • Website & Interactive Design & Development
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation
  • Cataloguing & Organizing Site content / Content Migration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Launch and post-launch maintenance and support
  • Ongoing monitoring, measurement, analytics and reporting


Multiple stakeholders invested in this high-profile site resulted in multiple revisions to site as well regular changes to design and content. Though lengthy, this process was managed successfully.


The Imagined Spaces website was successfully launched in late October 2010. The site has since seen an influx in traffic and has received much accreditation from the National Arts Centre and their stakeholders.

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