How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently

How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently

When developing a social media strategy it’s important for a company to know the gender of its target customer, as men and women tend to use social media differently. Women tend to use social media to connect with others and share personal stories, while men are looking for content and use social media as a means of gathering information.

In an article for, entrepreneur and social marketer Neil Patel, broke down the users of top social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube by gender, to find out which sex was using each site. According to Patel, Facebook with 76% of female internet users, Pinterest with 33% and Twitter with 22%, are the top three social sites used by women. These statistics support the idea that women turn to social media to share and connect with others. In fact, Patel found that women have on average 55% more Facebook posts on their wall than men, and 69% of women compared to 54% of men use Facebook to keep in touch with friends. Another statistic to note is that 69% of women use a mobile device to access social media, compared to only 39% of men.

If a company has a largely male customer base then LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube should be the social media platforms of choice. According to Patel, LinkedIn is used by 24% of male internet users compared to 19% female, Google+ 64% male vs. 36% female and YouTube 54% male vs. 46% female. On average, men spend one hour per week on YouTube compared to 35 minutes for women. Instead of wasting money and resources developing a social media strategy to dominate all platforms, a company should first consider the gender of its customers and then choose one or two social sites used by that gender on which to build its social presence.

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