What To Look For in a Content Marketing Agency While any marketing agency might write some stories, without earned, owned, paid and shared media, even the most creative content will fall flat.

Content Marketing Agency

What To Look For in a Content Marketing Agency

In the search for a content marketing agency, what should you look for?

While new content marketing agencies pop up every week to capitalize on this trend in digital communications, the fact is that content marketing is not new. Content marketing is simply an aggregation of a lot of techniques and strategies that smart digital PR agencies have been deploying for years to help tell client stories.

While any content marketing agency can help tell your story, without a comprehensive strategy that leverages earned, owned, paid and shared media, even the most creative content will fall flat.

Telling compelling stories that answer your customers’ most pressing questions is only part of the equation of content marketing.

Your content is like the tree in the forest, without a little help, no one will hear it fall.

That’s where tactics such as the strategic deployment of social media channels, the creation of creative supporting collateral, and the development of paid amplification techniques can have a significant impact.

No matter how expertly crafted your content is, it requires the insight of a multidisciplinary team to ensure it achieves the social media reach, search engine ranking, and general awareness to drive qualified leads into your sales funnel.

Crafting a strategy with these techniques in mind not only makes it more successful but is also a more efficient use of time and resources.

The team that is creating your content is in the best position to know how to amplify its reach and heighten its impact–and can do so for a fraction of the cost.

An agency with content marketers, social media experts, communications professionals, and data-driven analysts under one roof ensures a campaign with a well-rounded approach, a solid foundation in best practices, and a level of creativity and insight that a firm with a singular focus cannot match.

Content marketing is a great tool for boosting your sales funnel, but only a complete digital communications strategy that embraces paid, earned, owned and shared media is optimized for success.

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