What I've learned interning at Thornley Fallis

What I've learned interning at Thornley Fallis

The coffee is on, the meeting is set, and I haven’t even started on my to-do list.  On your marks, get set, go, and keep running all day long. This is agency life at Thornley Fallis!

Writing skills are my greatest asset here. Simply put, writing is a team sport and the less editing my work needs the more value I bring to my colleagues. My biggest lesson about writing so far is that no copy I write will ever be perfect, and that’s okay. Everybody has his or her own style and way of expressing thoughts. There is no ‘one right way’ and therefore no need to take offense when work comes back covered in red—each story is a learning opportunity.

I’m lucky to be the main point of contact for some clients. I work on coordinating meetings, producing deliverables and organizing the occasional lunch. PR is a profession rooted in relationships, and serving clients well not only reflects on me but on the whole firm.  Excellent client service is a daily priority.

I’ve also learned to always CC the project manager. Whether I’m writing to explain an idea or reporting on progress, I know it’s vital to include my colleagues in the conversation to keep them up to date. We’re all so busy all the time.

Ultimately, my agency job reminds me  a lot of juggling. It requires skill, coordination and balance!  And it’s more than a little fun!

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