Instagram broadens ad opportunities to include marketers worldwide


Instagram broadens ad opportunities to include marketers worldwide

Instagram has opened its advertising service to businesses in 30 countries around the globe, meaning more marketers now have another channel to target and speak directly to their target audiences. Once limited to big brands, the social media giant made the announcement in early June it would broaden the availability of the ad-buying process, and in early September delivered on that promise.

With more than 300 million global users who share more than 60 million photos on a daily basis, Instagram is an excellent platform to engage millennials, people between the ages of 18-29, or those who are most involved on the social network.

The self-service advertising platform allows marketers the opportunity to reach people in creative, highly-visual ways to grow engagement, increase brand awareness, improve website conversions and more. The Facebook ad manager is used to create Instagram ads (Facebook owns the photo-sharing platform) – just choose a business objective to start the ad-buying process. Objectives can include anything from getting more clicks to a business’ website and driving video views to increasing mobile app installs or boosting brand awareness. Ads come in video, image or carousel formats.

Some marketing pros say Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, offers an added bonus of advertising on Instagram with its abundant offering of data that can be used for specific and accurate targeting.

While a great opportunity for marketers and consumers alike, the announcement begs the question — is the platform jumping on the bandwagon with other social media giants as it becomes clearer that paid advertising outperforms organic search? Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom will have to get creative and find a way to continue to deliver on his promise of keeping the platform “authentic” and free from “fake and spammy accounts.”

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