Inescapable videos - the foundation of native advertising campaigns

Inescapable videos - the foundation of native advertising campaigns

This week we’ve been talking about native advertising; what it is, why marketers are taking a liking to native ads and where they stand when it comes to Canadian advertising standards.

As the audience grows less tolerant of spam by advertising, marketers have had to think outside the box. The web is focusing more and more on surprising, entertaining and sharable video-based experiences. That’s why video has been so successful in native advertising campaigns.

So in keeping our weekly theme, here are five videos we think showcase creative examples of native advertising.

WestJet Christmas Miracle – real-time giving

This campaign is based on the wish “if only”. You know, the one used by those of us who day dream about the impossible. In the spirit of Christmas, WestJet set out to make the impossible possible for thousands of holiday travelers as part of their 2013 campaign.  They surprised travelers with their Christmas wishes, which resulted in plenty of holiday cheers, tears, and over 35 million YouTube views to date.


Microsoft’s Child of the 90s Internet Explorer  

What many generation Ys forget is that they are from the same generation as Internet Explorer. The purpose of the campaign was for Microsoft to show the audience that while they were growing up, Microsoft was too. They wanted to raise awareness around Microsoft’s new changes such as Windows 8. This video reached over 48-million views on YouTube and was shared on, a website created in support of the campaign and encouraging people to reconsider Internet Explorer as their go to browser.


Up For Whatever – Bud Light 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial 

Although this star-studded ad was made for television during this year’s 2014 Super Bowl, this commercial became a viral video. They plucked a random everyday guy out of a bar and without question, gave him an unforgettable, whirlwind, all-star experience. With 18 million views since its release, there is little chance he or the rest of the world will forget this. From the limo, to unexpected celebrity appearances, #UpForWhatever became a viral success all while boosting Bud Light’s image.


Get in the Moment – “Get Off The Phone” song

What appears to be a humorous video on the unfortunate social norms in our digital era actually sneakily promotes the Buick Regal GS. The branding is not immediately obvious. Despite the two stars pulling up in Buick vehicle in the beginning of the video, your attention is diverted to a dog who is ironically on a cell phone. The video concludes once again with the Buick logo and the hashtag #InTheMoment. The public’s enjoyment of this video is not compromised by the promotion of the Buick brand.


Canada – Keep Exploring

The Canadian Tourism Commission ran a native advertising campaign featuring user-generated video content. The Keep Exploring campaign was created from over 65 hours of footage submitted by amateur Canadian filmmakers and positions the country as “the preferred destination for travelers who crave exploration and excitement”. Utilizing Vibrant Lightbox units, a responsively-designed, rich-media video ad format, the videos give users a cinematic takeover experience.

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