Holiday wrap up for content marketers

Holiday wrap up for content marketers

We are wishing all the best for the holidays for our readers. It has been an exceptional year for our team at Thornley Fallis, and we want to share some of our insights with you. We have wrapped up our most popular blog posts of 2015 to give you a helpful quick read for the holiday break, and a page we recommended you bookmark so you can keep coming back in the New Year.

  1. 6 Tips for Marketing to Generation Z
    Generation Z is a major consumer group and one not to be overlooked. Contrary to the generation before them, Gen Z is less likely to believe in unrealistic expectations or be fooled by images of romanticized beauty. Check out our 6 tips for additional insight to your marketing strategy.
  2. Before you publish content, do these 10 things
    Looking to optimize your content marketing in 2016? This blog is a great visual reminder of ten handy ‘before-you-publish’ steps you should follow every time you publish content. Our infographic is a unique and fun way of reminding you of a few quick tips. <br>
  3. How to measure the impact of video content
    Video content can be difficult to measure. Each and every person responds differently to video, watching three seconds, a minute video, or nothing at all. Content marketers, you’ll be interested in these key findings.
  4. Summertime treat: free content marketing white paper
    As a summertime treat this year, we pulled together some of our experts’ best thinking into this handy, free and downloadable content marketing white paper. You can download a copy and subscribe to our newsletter for monthly inspiration in the New Year.
  5. Storytelling for businesses and brands
    This post was inspired by a crucial part of life since man lived in caves. In business, the purpose of stories isn’t always entertainment; each story can have a specific goal or desired outcome. So, how do you tell a story? We recommend you start by taking a look at this blog post.

Need help telling your organization’s story in 2016? Get our talented team on your side. Click here for more information.

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