Google and Twitter team up (again)

Google and Twitter team up (again)

Google and Twitter have just unveiled the details of their partnership announced in February, confirming that the two formerly estranged companies now believe they are stronger together.

The new deal gives Google full access to the Twitter ‘firehose’, bringing real-time Twitter content to Google search results. In the past, a Google search might yield a handful of top tweets or usernames, at best.  Now, the most up-to-the-moment tweets will be prominently displayed at the top of Google search results.

With Twitter currently processing more than 6,000 tweets per second, it’s the fastest social platform to deliver news, information and notifications. By integrating Twitter’s real-time content into Google search,Google can capitalize on Twitter’s speed to provide more timely content to users.

Twitter also benefits from the partnership. With tweets now being displayed front and center in Google search, Twitter content’s visibility and audience will increase resulting in more users and boosting advertiser value.

This enhanced search function is available on the Google app and on mobile and tablet browsers in English.  Twitter and Google promise integration with desktop, as well as support in more languages in the future.

For Google, Twitter and users of both, the deal is a win-win.

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