Google Tag Manager for marketers

Google Tag Manager for marketers

The common perception is that managing website tags is strictly for webmasters or the IT department, but now thanks to Google Tag Manager , marketers can do this easily and efficiently, ultimately saving an IT department time and money.

Google Tag Manager is a free web tag management tool that allows marketers to add, update and manage website tags and gather valuable data such as site Google analytics  and AdWords conversion tracking.

Tags are website codes that provide marketers with the ability to measure traffic, visitor behaviour and information from a particular website.

The process of adding tags to a website can often prove to be problematic. Incorrectly published tags can result in missing data and can take up a lot of time from the webmaster or IT department to fix – enter Google Tag Manager.

Smarter Travel Media, a travel website company, saw a clear improvement in its remarketing efforts using Tag Manager. It saved time and resources  by improving turnaround times, alleviating the burden on development staff and managing tags without having to go through a scheduled release.

Getting started with using Google Tag Manager is simple. A ‘container’ is created and added to the body of each page of a website. Tags can be added to this container to gain data such as site analytics, AdWords remarketing or even custom tags, including Google or non-Google tags.

Google Tag Manager also gives users the flexibility to create custom rules for each tag to gather specific information from a specific page at a specific time.

A preview mode setting automatically checks for errors in the format of the actual tags, and if there are errors, prevents the publication of the tag to the website. This gives users the comfort of knowing that all tags are working correctly and the data being received is accurate.

Google Tag Manager can be used to manage both mobile websites and mobile apps – so marketers can measure the usability and visitor success across multiple mobile ready platforms.

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