Getting insight from research and analytics

Getting insight from research and analytics

Industry research and your own website analytics are essential tools for planning marketing and communications activities. We regularly write about recent and relevant industry research to help you better understand your audience, determine your channel selection and–most importantly–create opportunities for meaningful interactions online.

This week, we provide a selection of past posts that show how you can develop actionable insights from your research and analytics:  

  • Online mobile demographics: Which age groups are most frequently using their mobile phones to go online?
  • Users of tablet computers: Did you know that one third of adults now own tablet computers? Find out more about who owns and uses tablets in this post.
  • Desktop vs. mobile users: Where do we access content? This research provides information about which devices we use to access specific types of content.
  • Stats and facts about online Canadians: Who is currently online in Canada and what do we do when we go online?
  • Who is using social media: Social networks are a great place to interact and engage with your audience. But how do you know if your audience uses social media? Reports like this one can help you to determine whether your audience is interacting on social.
  • Enter the social media matrix: Have you ever wondered about the user overlap between Facebook and Twitter? This new report shed light on user overlap between platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

While it’s important to keep up to date with industry research, you should also be visiting your own analytics regularly to do research and develop some insights about your customers. Your own data can tell you whether your online platforms are useful to your target audience and if the site is easy to navigate.

Do you need help drawing insight from your research and analytics? Get in touch with us today.  

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