Follow Friday: @SuperBowl

Follow Friday: @SuperBowl

Super Bowl XLVII kicks off this Sunday and the American football game has been represented as the greatest sporting event drawing the biggest audiences on the planet. This follow friday, we look at the social media success from @SuperBowl

8.15 million Canadians tuned into the Super Bowl in 2012, making it the most watched Super Bowl in Canadian television history. Last year’s Super Bowl also set a record on twitter for the number of tweets per second. According to, there were over 15 million Superbowl-related tweets in 2012, with 12,233 tweets per second at the end of the Giants vs. Patriots game.

Social Media Lessons Learned from the Super Bowl:

  • Have a game plan – both the Ravens and 49ers will be incredibly prepared when they walk into the stadium on Sunday. As an organization to be the best prepared online, you need a well thought out plan of attack. Don’t let your brand go onto the playing field without a plan!
  • Play as a team – to be the most effective, social media should have the support of everyone in the organization. The most memorable plays are created when the entire company gets involved in social media.
  • Engage in the play – know what users are saying about your product or service via social monitoring and let them know you are present by reaching out and engaging with them.
  • Defence matters – mistakes always happen, but those errors can potentially lead to disaster and even the best companies slip on occasion. But before sprinting down the sidelines into the end zone, it’s important to tackle big issues before they happen, if you fumble it could damage your reputation.

The energy and anticipation of the Super Bowl can be compared to launching a big social media campaign. Like the Super Bowl, success in social media takes a lot of strategy, strong execution and a little bit of luck.

Hasthtags to Follow

Whether you are rooting for the Ravens or the 49ers, keep up with your favourite teams by using the following hashtags:

  • Baltimore Ravens fans: #Ravens #SBRavens #RavenNation
  • San Francisco 49ers supporters: #49ers #Niners #QuestforSix

How can you translate success from the Super Bowl’s online efforts into your own social media campaign?

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