Follow Friday: Optimize with Google Analytics

Follow Friday: Optimize with Google Analytics

A recent Girl Geeks event in Toronto, at the Google offices talked about the user experience and measurement as key considerations when it comes to your website. This Follow Friday, increase the quality of your Twitter feed by adding Hanoi Morillo, Google Account Executive and strategist on maximizing the value of digital spaces.

At the event, Hanoi spoke about how google analytics can be used to measure sales and conversions and how analytics are used to find out how visitors are interacting with your website, how they arrived there and how to keep them coming back. Understanding the who, what, where and why of the traffic to your site allows you to make modifications that will provide a great user experience and achieve your desired outcomes.

Key questions to ask about your site:

  • How efficient is my site?
  • Do I care enough about mobile?
  • Am I investing in the right sources of traffic?
  • Do I understand the user journey on my site?

Hanoi also emphasized the importance of optimizing a website for mobile use – either through a smartphone or a tablet, since these devices now make up a large percentage of web traffic.

If you’re still not convinced, Google has created a series of videos that show how digital mistakes play out in real life and that users should be able to find what they’re looking for on a site as easily as they would be able to find something in a store.

You may have read a previous blog post about another googler – Avinash Kaushik, who is the Google analytics guru and also offers wisdom into how visitors are using your site.

Follow @HanoiMorillo on Twitter for expertise in all things digital. Are your web pages keeping your users engaged?

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