Follow Friday: @MayoClinic

Follow Friday: @MayoClinic

Launched in 1995, the Mayo Clinic has become one of the most visited online well-being resources offering health information, self-improvement advice and disease management tools to empower people to manage their health. This follow Friday add @MayoClinic to your Twitter feed for the latest health information.

Mayo Clinic – an Early Adopter of Social Media

With more and more people going online or turning to social media for health-related questions (some stats related to this topic from previous blog posts are available here and here) one of the earliest medical centers to embrace social networking was in fact @MayoClinic.

The Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network facilitates the use of social media throughout the Mayo Clinic and also works to help other hospitals, professionals and patients use social media to promote health, education, health literacy and healthcare delivery worldwide. gives users access to the experience and knowledge of more than 3,400 physicians and scientists of the world renowned Mayo Clinic.  Intuitive, easy-to-access tools for fast answers about health conditions ranging from common to complex like:

Everything that you ever wanted to know about health is available on the Mayo Clinic’s website.

Also visit the Mayo Clinic News Blog for more in-depth information on recent Mayo Clinic medical and scientific research and other breaking news about the Mayo Clinic. Listen to a Mayo Clinic Podcast, watch a video on the Mayo Clinic YouTube Channel and hear extended interviews with Mayo Clinic physicians. You can subscribe to one of the Mayo Clinic’s many channels to have a particular category or topic sent to you automatically, or you can browse categories or search for specific topics.

If nothing else, start following @MayoClinic on Twitter!

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