Follow Friday: Mathew Ingram

Follow Friday: Mathew Ingram

A veteran blogger, a former technology journalist who was one of the first to make extensive use of blogging and the web, Mathew Ingram is also one of the co-founders of meshmarketing – the one-day event that talks about what’s next for marketers, advertisers, brands and communicators, this follow friday meet @mathewi.

Just who is Matthew Ingram?

Until January 2010, you could find @mathewi at the Globe and Mail in Toronto, doing what a “communities editor” does, a newly created position aimed at helping make it easier for readers to interact with the paper and its writers and content. This involved helping writers and editors use social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogs to connect with readers and developing ways to make this experience better. Mathew Ingram was the man behind launching Policy Wiki and re-launced the Globe’s Facebook page.

Currently, Mathew Ingram is a Senior Writer at a leading technology blog network based out of San Francisco called GigaOm. In this gig, he writes about the evolution of media and content and all that it involves, including social media, Google, web culture and anything that is related.

Follow @mathewi on Twitter, check out his blog here and keep up with all of his updates on the intersection of media, technology, business and the web.

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