Follow Friday: @kdpaine

Follow Friday: @kdpaine

Katie Delahaye-Paine is a thought leader and one of the first people to introduce measurement in public relations and the social web as something that everyone should be doing.  She has been named as one of the 25 women who rock social media by Lee Odden’s OnLine Marketing blog, as well as a long list of other accomplishments. This follow Friday, if you aren’t already familiar with her work, meet @kdpaine, the woman who continues to innovate reliable metrics in PR.

The Goddess of Measurement

A true pioneer in measurement, @kdpaine started measuring results back in 1982 when she was the Director of Marketing Communications at Fujitsu. Katie was also the first person to publish a blog and newsletter – The Measurement Standard, dedicated entirely to measurement and accountability.

For almost three decades, Katie has provided marketers and communications professionals the tools, data and information to help them make better business decisions. And when the world went online, Katie changed with the times and started focusing on social media measurement. In 2011, Katie published a book called Measure What Matters, Online Tools for Understanding Customers, Social Media, Engagement, and Key Relationships, as a guide to achieving digital ROI.

Because PR campaigns aren’t as straightforward as a marketing or advertising campaign, sometimes it takes a little more work to measure its effectiveness. Measuring PR efforts gives a campaign a focus, provides credibility and gives it accountability.

Here are Katie’s 7 steps to Measuring What Matters:

  1. Define Results.
  2. Understand your audience and what motivates them.
  3. Define Investment.
  4. Determine what you are benchmarking against.
  5. Define metrics (what you want to become.)
  6. Pick a tool and undertake research.
  7. Analyze results and glean insight, take action and measure again.

Katie believes that anything is measurable. For more measurement advice from @kdpaine follow her on Twitter and read her blog.

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