Follow Friday: @Julien Smith

Follow Friday: @Julien Smith

Want to stop making noise and start making things happen? This week’s Follow Friday – Julien Smith, co-author of The Impact Equation, can tell you how.

An “ideator” and successful blogger for many years now, Julien knows that simply being creative is only a small piece of the puzzle. You may have seen Julien speak at Third Tuesday Toronto in November. He shared his ideas about effectively sharing ideas so that they spread naturally and quickly.

What’s the best way to do this? The CREATE methodology.

Impact = C x (R + E + A + T + E)

When Contrast, Reach, Exposure, Articulation, Trust and Echo are all put together, Julien and his partner in crime Chris Brogan, have developed an equation on how to make a lasting impact on an audience. They also give seasoned advice on how to build a community around that experience and take an idea to an even higher level.

Not just another social media book, The Impact Equation is about how to get important ideas to spread across a well-built platform, to be understood and cared about by relationships with people you’ve created and maintained. It’s not necessarily the platform that matters like Facebook, Google plus and Pinterest, but how the mix of the acronym CREATE work together.

Anyone (like me!) can write a blog post, but not everyone will truly care about what I have to say unfortunately. Whether you are a communications professional, an entrepreneur or just someone with something important to share and are interested in learning more about gaining people’s trust and turning it into a powerful force, The Impact Equation should be on your list of books to read for 2013. Julien’s first book with Chris Brogan, Trust Agents, was a New York Times bestseller. @julien is definitely someone to be following on Twitter and he also blogs at

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