Follow Friday: @jeremygutsche

Follow Friday: @jeremygutsche

Jeremy Gutsche is always on top of what will be cool next and keeps his followers up to date on the latest marketing trends, the newest information and emerging ideas. This Follow Friday, meet the Chief Trend Hunter and founder of – the crowdsourced website by a global network of over 100,000 contributors, who identify and submit the latest trends and cutting edge thoughts.

The Man Behind What’s Trending

Canadian Young Entrepreneur of the year, award-winning  author, and the brain behind “One of Canada’s Most Innovative Companies,” in addition to a long list of other accolades, @jeremygutsche launched in 2006, as a platform for new business ideas and creativity.

A native of Calgary and before his online success, Jeremy studied innovation at Stanford, received an MBA from Queen’s University and graduated as a Chancellor Scholar from the University of Calgary. is a place where readers can get a daily rundown of micro-trends, viral news and what’s currently happening in pop culture. The most popular trends are featured on Trend Hunter TV and later grouped into clusters of information to be included in Trend Reports, which are a series of tools for professional innovators and entrepreneurs. With 40 million monthly views, has become the world’s most widespread ‘trend community.’

Popular is Not Cool

Jeremy Gutsche constantly reminds his audiences that popular is not cool. It’s not about the rise of big trends that everyone knows about or brands that have become mainstream, it is often the unexpected products that become successful. According to @jeremygutsche, it is the niche opportunities that need to be taken advantage of and cool is:

  • Unique
  • Cutting edge
  • Viral

Make @jeremygutsche and @trendhunter part of your Twitter feed (if they aren’t already) for a daily dose of what’s what and inspirational ideas.

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