Follow Friday: @ChldhdCancerCan

Follow Friday: @ChldhdCancerCan

There are around 10,000 children living with cancer in Canada today and childhood cancer remains responsible for more deaths from one year through adolescence than any other disease. This follow Friday make sure to check out @ChldhdCancerCan and help the fight against cancer affecting the youngest of Canadians.

Leading the Fight against Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer Canada was founded in 1987, and is the country’s leading Foundation dedicated solely to the fight against childhood cancer. With the goal to improve the lives of children with cancer and their families, this is achieved through vital support programs and investment in collaborative cancer research.

Because childhood cancer is unique and the treatment is distinct to children, Childhood Cancer Canada partners with 17 childhood cancer hospitals and treatment centres to make sure children with cancer are exposed to kinder and gentler treatments that will not only cure them, but leave them with an improved quality of life into adulthood.

Connecting the nation in a common cause

Childhood Cancer Canada is more determined than ever to increasing survival rates, improving health outcomes and quality of life for children and teens with all forms of cancer. Some fundraising events held throughout the year include:

You can even create your own fundraising event by becoming a small hands ambassador. Childhood Cancer Canada gives you all the tools on how to plan and organize.

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Follow @chldhdcancercan on Twitter and start spreading the word to help children with cancer and their families.

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