Five-Year Plan Consultation

In its five-year review of the Official Plan the City of Ottawa was evaluating and revising city planning documents to set the direction, policies and affordability priorities.

To complete a truly comprehensive review, the City wanted to conduct a public consultation to capture and measure the ideas and opinions of Ottawa residents.

In support of this effort, the City retained Thornley Fallis to design, deploy and manage an online questionnaire open to the public.

To engage Ottawa residents and retain informative input on key issues related to planning, Thornley Fallis  developed a questionnaire that would prompt residents to provide meaningful insight for the future plan of Ottawa. Through our consultation we determined that the key areas for review were the:

  • Official Plan
  • Transportation Master Plan
  • Infrastructure Master Plan
  • Cycling Plan
  • Pedestrian Plan

Thornley Fallis worked with the City of Ottawa to craft an online engagement questionnaire with 34 questions related to the key areas of interest and comprised of both closed- and open-ended responses to yield the best results.

Once the questions for the survey had been put together, we created an online questionnaire. This questionnaire was hosted on the City of Ottawa’s website and was promoted through a communications program run jointly by the City and Thornley Fallis which included social media, radio and theatre ads.

Thousands of Ottawa residents participated and Thornley Fallis conducted an analysis of the data and drafted a full report with results from the consultation.

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