Facebook: M makes Messenger impactful for marketers

Facebook: M makes Messenger impactful for marketers

Use Facebook Messenger to ask a friend: “Hey, remember that time I loaned you $20 for pizza?” and Messenger suggests its money transfer feature. Message your mom that you’re catching an Uber home, and Messenger gives an automatic fare estimate.

Welcome to the new world of online chat and artificial intelligence: M, where targeted recommendations are based on the conversations users have with their friends.

The launch is part of a larger plan, which includes the recent introduction of the Day feature. The strategy is to position Facebook Messenger as more than an SMS replacement. It now has more than 1.2 billion monthly users which are up from 1 billion users last July.

Having been tested since 2015 and now launched in the US only, brands, such as Lyft and Uber, are already taking advantage of M making their ridesharing options available through Facebook Messenger. Other brands are sure to follow suit as the new features are rolled out around the world.

M learns users’ habits and tendencies and then personalizes its features to best suit the individual. The program constantly changes and even hides when not in use. People can mute M or turn off certain types of recommendations which sharpens targeting for marketers.

For now, M suggestions focus primarily on payment methods, scheduling, directions, polls and stickers. The world’s largest online social network continues to bring innovation and value to both users and brands with M.

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