Dos and Don'ts of creativity

Dos and Don'ts of creativity

Creativity in marketing is what separates the best, most effective campaigns from those that are merely pedestrian. But, coming up with new, bright and exciting ideas consistently is not always easy. Here’s a list of our Dos and Don’ts to avoid getting into a creative rut.

  1. Do get a change of scenery

A change of scenery can do creative thinkers a lot of good. It’s important to step outside the office for creative inspiration once in a while. Whether it’s working outside on a hot summer day, going for a stroll in a park or sitting in a busy train station, inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Switching up a work environment can lead to increased productivity and inspiration from being around new surroundings.

  1. Do create first, evaluate later

Don’t shoot down an idea by over thinking details. Give ideas a chance without getting preoccupied with the details or logistics. Come up with several ideas before evaluating and deciding which ones will work.

  1. Do keep a creative journal

Creative ideas and inspiration can be sparked from anything, anywhere and at any time. This is why having a creative journal is great for jotting down any inspiration or idea that come to mind. Also, filling up the journal with inspirations such as quotes, song lyrics and images can give a creative boost.

  1. Don’t separate work and play

Creative juices shouldn’t stop flowing after work. Making an effort to be creative in both work and play, and ideas will keep coming. Whether it is being creative in meal ideas, hobbies or in socializing, be creative all aspects of daily life to keep sharp.

  1. Do step outside the comfort zone

Sometimes creative ruts are a result from being in a comfort zone .Once in awhile it pays not to ‘play it safe’; take risks and get surprising results. Strive for the unusual, the out-of-the-ordinary and bring the WOW factor.

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