CSPA Website Redesign Redesigning the Canadian Steel Producers Assocation website



Project Description

In 2005, the CSPA called upon 76design to conduct a review of their website. It became clear to us that the CSPA was on the right track, but it was crucial that a re-organization of content be considered. 76design worked hand in hand with the CSPA to revamp the existing information architecture and to provide recommendations on a website re-design. Once a plan was complete, the CSPA followed through on our recommendations and provided 76design with the opportunity to implement the proposed tactics and develop its website accordingly.


  • To develop an architecture and design that allows for a more streamlined navigation
  • Pull out action items and bring important information to the forefront so that content is readily available for the sites users

Target Audiences

  • Automotive, construction, energy extraction and transmission, packaging, and other demanding manufacturing applications
  • Member companies

 Project Management

  • Graphic Production
  • Project Planning
  • Design Supervision
  • Technical PlanningFront End Development
  • Usability Review/User ScenariosCataloguing & Organizing Site Content
  • Develop Technical Specifications
  • Content Migration
  • Creative Consultation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Concept Development
  • Launch to live site



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