Content Marketing: Making High Value Content Discoverable Successful content marketing is not about how many likes, tweets and comments are racked up, it’s about achieving real business benefit.

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Content Marketing: Making High Value Content Discoverable

Most successful content marketing is not about how many likes, tweets and comments are racked up, it’s about achieving real business benefits such as generating sales leads or getting bums on seats. It’s easy enough to say, much harder to do.

It means creating content that has actual value to the target audience, then making it discoverable. This takes a unique blend of skills, talents and Internet knowledge—all things that are not often found in generalist in-house communications teams.

Creating valuable content

Royalty-free stock images are cheap and there are plenty of free ‘shareable creation’ tools online, but that means the everybody is using them. Creating unique compelling visual content takes the artistic eye and talents of a professional digital designer who understands layout, conversion optimization and colour theory. Experienced designers know how to organize elements to guide the audiences to the ultimate objective…a sale, a vote or signup. They know and understand the role of typography and how to match the right font to the story and image to ensure that key messages resonate. They are experts in the use of colour to influence audience attitudes and behaviours. And, they can tell a whole, complex story in a simple infographic.

Creating effective digital content means having access to a wide range of specialist design software. Yes, this includes Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, but also more niche applications such as Nuke or Fusion for motion graphics or dozens of other specialist software.

Making content discoverable

It’s all about the algorithm. Search engines, social networks, online forums and discussion boards…each has its own, unique way of calculating the value of content to present to users. And they all keep changing all the time. Navigating these pathways successfully takes a high level of technical expertise along with practical knowledge of how the Internet works.  Most in-house marketing and communications teams understand the basic theories, but lack depth of knowledge and experience available in a content marketing agency.

Discoverability begins in the most fundamental stage of web development: writing the code. Skills in a range of programming languages (SQL, Java, Python, C++, etc.) are essential. Each has its specific strengths for specific purposes. Software engineers develop website and mobile apps to comply with the standards dictated by Google and other search engines to ensure they get crawled by search bots and indexed.  This means loading lightning fast, being mobile (and increasingly voice) responsive, and designing an excellent user experience.

Once the site is built, digital content experts take over adding tags, keywords, links and quality content to ensure the website reaches Google Page One ranking. And it’s a never-ending process if top ranking is going to be maintained. Performance is constantly tracked, analyzed and optimized requiring sophisticate analytics software and data analysis expertise.

All this is a lot to ask of an in-house generalist team; it makes sense to use a content marketing agency.

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