TF Top 5: Communications Sea Change Everywhere We Look! Straight from this week's headlines: the news marketing and communications professionals need to know.

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TF Top 5: Communications Sea Change Everywhere We Look!

Each week the team at TF boils down a short list of must-know news to help keep you on top of the ever-changing world of communications, marketing and technology.  Here’s this week’s list:

  1. Facebook Adds Closed Caption Options to Facebook Live Broadcasts

Imagine sending your next Facebook Live with closed captioning! Facebook’s making it possible to add in subtitles via third party providers as a first step towards fully-captioned, real-time live videos. This adds to the automated closed captions for video ads that Facebook launched in February. This is a communications boon for the hearing impaired.

  1. Is the uncertain geopolitical climate good for the PR sector?

Disruption can spell opportunity for communications professionals, but then again, it can also cause decision paralysis. PR Week did a survey of heads of global PR agencies and the clear majority believe that uncertainty breeds opportunity.  What do you think?

  1. Twitter tweaks its design again in an attempt to woo newcomers

Twitter just keeps getting better (did it have a choice?). It’s refreshed the mobile app look and feel.  It’s presenting features in new ways and is using different typefaces and icons. Also, now you can open web links in Safari’s View Controller to access the website accounts you’re signed into and use Safari ad-blocker.

  1. How LinkedIn strengthens employee engagement

Devastating fact: According to SHRM, 90 per cent of employed workers are looking for new opportunities! This article is based on a presentation given by Pat Wadors, LinkedIn’s chief human resources officer. The B2B social networking company looks for ways to inspire employees to stay and understands that more employees are looking for a richer workplace experience than in years past.

And  finally…

  1. Pinterest is pushing its visual search engine for the real world — and it could upend the advertising business

At a time when most brands are just starting to wrap their heads around the concept of ‘voice search’, here comes Pinterest with big ideas about repositioning itself as a visual search engine.  This is undoubtedly, the NEXT BIG THING!

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