April Fools ’ brand pranks; who’s laughing now?

April Fools ’ brand pranks; who’s laughing now?

Popular since medieval times, April Fools’ Day is widely recognized across the world and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other, both the jokes and their victims being known as “April Fools”. However, it’s not only the class-clowns who are pulling these pranks, brands have been on the bandwagon for years and their antics are even an anticipated part of April Fools’ Day for many marketing/advertising nerds, such as myself.

For marketers this day has almost turned into a competition; who will pull the best prank? What will go viral?  Who will be talked about the most? It allows a brand to boost its image and its visibility both online and off, unless of course the prank is a flop, which, this year, was the case for Samsung, HTC and Toshiba that all had the same idea: smart gloves.

Here are a few 2014 April Fools’ Day pranks executed by brands across the world that really resonated, whether through humour or a trick; no, open-toed rubber boots are not “a thing,” these practical jokers get top marks for creativity.


Honda — Handmade Series: First DIY car



Google — Hunt for the Pokémon Master



WestJet — Metric time conversion



Reddit — Introducing “Headdit”




Hunter Footwear — Unveils open-toe-boot


Photo: Courtesy of Hunter Boot.
Photo: Courtesy of Hunter Boot.


Tumblr — Launches Tumblr Pro



So, what happens when someone opts to join Tumblr Pro? His or her avatar gets a funny little top hat, the thing with this is everyone knows you fell for it!





Fido — We cat rebrand



Airbnb — Rent-a-desk



Frito-Lay — CHEETEAU




M&M — Bacon Flavour


Photo: Courtesy of M&M
Photo: Courtesy of M&M


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  1. Jessica says:

    I wish the bacon M&Ms were real….chocolate and bacon make an excellent combo!!

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