78% of Canadians don't leave home without their smartphone

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78% of Canadians don't leave home without their smartphone

More than half of Canadian adults (56%) are using smartphones, according to a new report published by Google and Ipsos MediaCT. The number of Canadians using smartphones now is up 23% from early 2012.

The report is titled Our Mobile Planet: Understanding the Mobile Consumer and there is a wealth of data about smartphone adoption and usage for 48 countries.

Some of the key findings for Canada include:

  • 66% of respondents said they used their smartphone every day in the past seven days
  • 78% said they do not leave their home without their smartphone
  • 86% said they use their smartphone in a store
  • 35% said they would rather give up TV than their smartphone
  • 55% said they search on their smartphones everyday
  • 68% said they look up product information on their smartphones
  • 75% said they watch video on their phone and 18% do so at least one time each day
  • 27% said they have purchased a product or service using their mobile device
  • 51% have conducted a mobile search after seeing an offline ad
  • 87% said they have noticed mobile ads

It’s great to see some Canadian data on smartphone adoption and usage. You can download the report here. This, and other data we’ve written about, indicates the importance of mobile and mobile friendly digital spaces. Marketing and communications professionals need to keep this movement toward a mobile future in mind when creating programs and devising strategies.

If you’d like to learn more about this you can read posts we’ve written about the digital future:

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Do these stats reflect how often you use your smartphone? Tell us what you think in the comments. 


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